Driver Eligibility Policy

The eligibility qualifications for drivers to gain access to the connectivity of the MoveUP application will be the responsibility of the administrators of that specific MoveUP Transportation Network.

Applicant Drivers will be required to agree to and fulfill any and all background checks, past employment verifications, driving record investigations, educational requirements, permit or licensure requirements, or any other driver requirements as stipulated by that MoveUP Transportation Network Administrator.

To become an administrator of a MoveUP Transportation Network, any city, municipality, community, business, or other entity must agree to, sign, and subsequently adhere to all requirements in the MoveUP Administrative Terms and Use Policy Agreement.

Administrators of a MoveUP Transportation Network will be required to set reasonable standards for any and all drivers who are given access to that system. The requirements must adhere to all local, state, and federal regulations for the operation of vehicles in the transportation of passengers. These standards shall take into consideration any potential limitations of passengers, such as those with disabilities. Absolutely minimum standards will include a background check, employment check, and standards for past driving record.

The most important requirement of Administrators of a MoveUP Transportation Network will be disclosure of the Driver Eligibility Policy to all participating riders. The MoveUP app will provide a link to online disclosure of such policies, but the Administrator will be responsible for assuring accuracy and availability of those policies.

It will be the sole responsibility of the Administrator of a MoveUP Transportation Network to carryout in full all of the required background checks and necessary investigative measures set forth to assure adherence of all drivers to those requirements precisely as described to riders by that Administrative Group. No member or employee of Unified Potential dba MoveUP will be held responsible for failures of licensed Administrators to adhere to their own predetermined policies while administering or otherwise implementing a transportation network using the MoveUP app.